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1930s Lone Ranger Cartoon

1930s Lone Ranger Cartoon - Produced by Roy Meredith - Studio: Pathegrams Cine

The Lone Ranger and Tonto capture a band of cattle rustlers and save the life of the rancher in this silent animated short film.

This has to be the very first film of the Lone Ranger.

Run time 2 minutes 40 seconds
Audio/Visual silent, black and white
Language English


Produced by Roy Meredith
Studio: Pathegrams Cine


Reviewer: mrhamzilla420 - - June 15, 2012
Subject: Not cgi
I Give it 5 stars, because in 1930 it probably took a weak to make this .
Reviewer: cooperway4 - - January 9, 2011
Subject: No info to be found
I give 5 stars to the uploader and all involved in allowing this to survive.

I give 3 stars to the film.

Spoiler Alert : Once the bad guys surrendered they did not require being taken into custody. Then Lone Ranger and Tonto ride back without the cattle. Most of the cartoon is repetitive riding.
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Jim Thorpe
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